Company history

1475: Simon de Thysac, a gentleman glassmaker, was granted the right to found a glassworks at "Les Rochiers". This deed is recorded in National archives. At the very beginning, it would seem that window glass was made at La Rochère, using the "collar" method (a large cylinder cut lengthwise), very probably in addition to articles for local requirements.

1595: The village was completely destroyed in a fire. The glassworks were rebuilt three years later.

1636: La Rochère was once again destroyed during the 30-year war.

1666: The furnaces were re-lit and to this day have never stopped burning.

1858: The glassworks were taken over by François-Xavier Fouillot and two associates.

1868: The associates left and nowadays the company is run by François-Xavier Fouillot's descendants.

1870: Marks the beginning of glass tiles. This development answers the issue of lighting roof spaces but also fits in the context of the many tile manufacturers located in the village of Passavant la Rochère.


1905: La Rochère offers solid glass floor pavers.

1923: "La Rochère and Clairefontaine" glassworks become the "Société Anonyme Etablissement Boileau-Mercier"

1930: First appearance of paver shells for wall structures. They are manually pressed.

1967: Production becomes automated. Hand presses are replaced by automatic ones developed in-house. A tank furnace is set up. From then, blocks, tiles, pavers are mechanically and automatically pressed. Double-walled blocks are sealed by hand, then mechanically from 1974. Productivity and working conditions improve.

1970: La Rochère offers a range of standard precast panels. In the 1980s, made-to-measure straight and curved panels are proposed as a solution to large-scale projects and to facilitate the implementation of glass blocks.


2000: Creation of the Quadra Verra wall glass tiles and production of mass-coloured glass blocks.

Since 2001 , La Rochère innovates technologically:
- Cubiver, a PVC-coated block makes the installation faster and easier and is ideal in humid environments;
- 30 and 60-minute fire-rated blocks

Since 2009: increased research for environment-orientated products:

- Lumi-Sol paver, which stocks daylight energy to restitute it by night ;
- development of a photovoltaic tile with partner company Luxol.


- silver medal rewarding the TF 60-min. fire-rated glass block for the Outdoor        Features & Equipment category at the 2003 Batimat exhibition ;
- gold medal Finishing & Decoration category at the 2009 Batimat exhibition ;
- ID Trophy awarded by Source-à-Idées for the Lumi-Sol paver.


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