As an historical manufacturer, we have entered the 21st century with a brand policy that translates into more clearly identifiable collections and an original offer that is aimed at meeting customer requirements, working on concepts in synergy with current lifestyles.

Any type of production can only be developed if it matches consumer reality and actual practices.

Daily life is no longer an empty word; it is filled with emotions, habits, passions,great times and small pleasures.


We are backing conviviality, indulgence and curiosity and that is why our collections are aimed at both individual customers and businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, bars and cafés.

Strengthened by our expertise and the historic background of the glassworks, we wish to develop an offer that is varied both in manufacturing terms, ranging from machine glass to mouth-blown glass, and inspiration, including re-issues of 18th century designs and creations of young, contemporary designers.


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